The 4 week Transformation

4 Private Online Sessions

Via Zoom.

You will be enabled to tune in, connect, and rebalance no matter how busy and chaotic things seem. In just 4 weeks you will learn the tools to restore and relax. Sessions are 60 minutes and will help you to slip into a perfect state of mind so that your negative subconscious programming can be replaced by positivity and a sense of focused calm. Sessions are deeply relaxing.

  • Sleep better
  • Stress relief
  • Have more patience
  • Restore your peace of mind
  • Get the real you back
  • Mind, body, and soul relaxation
  • Free yourself from negative emotions affecting you and your family
  • Shift your perspective
  • Bring out your best
  • Feel more connected
  • Weekly 60 minute 1 on 1 hypnotherapy session
  • Bespoke solution focused customised plan
  • Free hypnotic mist to deepen your relaxation and anchor your progress
  • £60 savings from booking sessions individually


Contact Me

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For more information or to book a class or private consultation, please contact Judi Quirke


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